From the editors

Knowledge is empirical and accretive, plural not singular, a constellation of possibilities rather than a set of known variables


Unheard Voices

Diepsloot has no local or community media covering its complex problems and aspirations


Urbanisation & the Transition to the Future

A fragmented sense of urban belonging defines the South African urban psyche and cuts across different social and cultural groups


Liquid University

African universities and centres of learning will have to radically rethink their functioning to be relevant and effective in a period of urban change.


Visible Interstices

The difference between responding to the urban challenge with infrastructure and investing in the urban potential of India will get more complicated in future


In the slow lane

Gauteng’s private motorists, road tolls, taxis and the hope of public transport

Kim Gurney


Cairo Rising

Egypt’s democratic revolution was anchored in geography

Megan Lindow


The Civil Engineer

Herbert Macaulay was a nationalist politician, engineer, journalist and musician whose nous for political strategy and theatre awoke democracy in colonial Lagos.

Akin Adesokan


Tangerine Dreams and Magic in the City

The Tangier-based photographer Yto Barrada, winner of the talks Deutsche Guggenheim’s artist of the year award, talks to Negar Azimi about flea markets, representations of the Moroccan city and Club Med.

Negar Azimi


Ghetto to Gallery

Situated at the southeastern edge of Cape Town’s inner city, Woodstock is an ethnically, religiously and financially diverse community. Gentrification is, however, changing the outlook for many of its long-time residents.

Janine Stephen


Wonky Beats

“There are other worlds out here they never told you about.” This handwritten note, which casually rephrases a song title by San Ra, appears on every page of the Pan African Space Station’s website. With its emphasis on “here” not “there”, it describes everything you need to know about Neo Muyanga and Ntone Edjabe’s experiment in music, writing and city mapping. Okay, almost everything.

Tau Tavengwa


Teaching for Tomorrow

Edgar Pieterse speaks to Aromar Revi, the institute’s future-orientated director, about his revolutionary approach to curriculum and imagining what is possible.

Edgar Pieterse


AbdouMaliq Simone: A Portrait

Urbanist AbdouMaliq Simone, whose research surfaces overlooked narratives in conversation with Achille Mbembe.

Achille Mbembe


Radio the Nigerian Way

How a Pidgin English radio station in Lagos is connecting with residents

Tolu Ogunlesi


Your Booty

Late nights and French legionnaires in the Horn of Africa

Olufemi Terry

Wide Angle