Year: 2018-2020
Status: Ongoing
Partners: Various

.Praxis is an initiative in development that will acts as a connector; convening and “matchmaking” platform for urbanists whose work is focused on cities of the global South.

It will provide a membership-based and curated community of support, providing opportunities for long-term, meaningful relationship building, sharing, learning and collaboration to a diverse (both in geography and discipline) cohort of urban scholars, policymakers, activists and practitioners across the global south. We provide access to knowledge and a connection to peers from across the region to help them improve their practice, thus building their capacity and confidence to bring their ideas into the global space and learn from one another while doing so. This advances the proposition that urban problems will not be resolved by solutions coming from outside contexts with limited relevance. The platform and community will focus on bringing together as well as promoting the recognition of locally focused but globally relevant practitioners, scholars, and ideas emerging from the South.

It will facilitate and support the exchange of people and ideas, and focus on creating professional relationships within a small but strategic cohort of urban actors. This cohort will bring new coherence, depth and practice-oriented leadership from the South to the global conversations where the future of urbanism is being shaped. Cityscapes Magazine will be a vital tool towards this effort, as a high quality and credible resource broadcasting south-centric narratives to wider audiences.